All the trending food

All the trending food
Mark your calendars for the 41st edition of Host, where you can find the most evolved achievements in the restaurant and hospitality industries. At the trade fair, gelato, pastry and coffee have an increasingly important role, making for a 360° offer.

At the same time, the desire for wellness products is constantly growing.
For example, there is a growing interest in milk-free, milk-derivatives-free, gluten-free, low-calorie and vegan products. Furthermore, the culture of coffee is spreading, thanks to consumers who are attentive to the origins of the bean and who love to experiment new ways of extraction different than the classic expresso or filtered methods, such as dropper, AeroPress, and cold brew.

HostMilano (Fieramilano, Italy, October 18-22, 2019) is getting ready to open the doors to its forty-first edition, affirming itself as a strategic reference for professionals in the field. At the fair, it will be possible to find a complete offer of materials, ranging from semi-finished ingredients, to machinery and equipment, as well as furnishings and accessories.
More than one thousand two hundred companies have signed up to participate, of which 44.7% are foreign hailing from 45 countries.
The new entries are Albania, Latvia and Colombia.
The top seven countries based on number of exhibitors are Germany, Spain, France, United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Portugal, whereas the fastest growing presences are from Spain and United Kingdom.
The main strength of the event is its concept of the macro areas, in which this edition will further intensify the complementary relationship between the industries.
The Restaurant Bread-Pizza-Pasta macro-area, which is in constant growth, mirrors the current industry in that many different trends coexist, tied together by one common characteristic: the desire to envelop the customer in an immersive experience with a format designed down to the smallest details.
Another historic strength is the Bar-Coffee Machine- Vending – Coffee-Tea – Gelato-Pastry macro-area, characterized by the “fusion” of many offers.
If the meeting between gelato-pastry, an area in which the exhibition space continues to grow, and the coffee world is by now a well-established fact, the next step is the marriage between mixology, which is opening up to new consumption opportunities throughout the day, in particular, after-dinner.


HostMilano is distinguished by its rich program of collateral initiatives, with at least five-hundred events such as workshops, data and research presentations, tast- ings, educational analyses and passionate competitions.
In collaboration with, a spin-off of Politecnico di Milano, the Smart Label acknowledgment has returned and is dedicated to the most innovative products and services. This year, the Design Talks workshops complete it. With the patronage of ADI – the Industrial Design Association, Smart Label highlights the capability of the industry to go beyond
the established approaches and to renew its offer: 497 candidatures have been made in the course of the last three editions, 156 companies have been awarded this label and over 20 special acknowledgments, called Innovation Smart Label, have been given to products with a high level of evolution.
Furthermore, the selection of the finalists that will participate in the 2019 edition of the Cake Designers World Championship and of the World Trophy of Pastry, Gelato and Chocolate will be held, both organized by FIPGC-Federazione Internazionale Pasticceria Gelateria Cioccolateria (the International Federation of Pastry Gelato and Chocolate). The theme of both competitions is National Art and Tradition of the native country: a party of flavours and colours, in which each reality can bring different flavourings and ingredients, reinterpreting the native, regional pastry arts in a contemporary way

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