Sponge cake with lemon-flavoured custard, covered with a limoncello glaze. A triumph of flavours and aromas of “Amalfi PGI lemons”


  • Sponge cake
  • Lemon cream
  • Lemon-flavoured pastry cream
  • Whipped cream (infused with lemon peel)
  • Limoncello simple syrup
  • Filling for limoncello delights
  • Glaze for limoncello delights


  • whole eggs 2200 g
  • egg yolk 400 g
  • sugar 1600 g
  • flour 00 1200 g
  • starch 400 g
  • Bourbon vanilla 1 pod
  • grated lemon peel 2 lemons
  • salt 12 g
  • white vinegar 20 g

Beat the eggs (ideal temperature of the eggs 25°C) in a planetary mixer with the sugar, white vinegar, grated lemons, salt and vanilla.
Combine flour and sifted flour.
Pour into moulds. Bake at 160°C for 8-10 minutes. Whip the sponge cake to 85%.


  • pastry cream 1100 g
  • lemon cream 700 g
  • whipped cream 750 g
  • limoncello “Sal De Riso” 50 g

Mix the lemon cream with the pastry cream and limoncello. Combine the cream and use to fill the delights.


  • egg yolk 1000 g
  • sugar 900 g
  • vanilla sugar 100 g
  • Amalfi Coast PGI lemon juice 1000 g
  • softened butter 1000 g
  • limoncello 400 g
  • Bourbon vanilla 1 pod
  • lemon peel 5 lemons

Leave the lemon juice and peel to infuse in a vacuum for about 3 hours. Boil the mixture with the peels, filter. Energetically mix the yolk with the sugar, vanilla sugar and the pulp of the vanilla pod. Add the filtered boiling lemon juice and cook the cream to 82°C. Cool quickly to a temperature of 35°C and add the soft butter in small pieces and the limoncello. Emulsify with a mixer until you have a smooth and shiny cream. Store in the fridge.


  • water 1000 g
  • sugar 1000 g
  • limoncello “Sal De Riso” 2000 g
  • lemon peel 5 lemons

Boil the water with sugar and lemon peel for one minute. Cool, filter, and add the limoncello.


  • milk 2800 g
  • cream 1200g
  • egg yolk 1440 g
  • sugar 1200 g
  • corn starch 290 g
  • Bourbon vanilla 3 pods
  • salt 30 g
  • lemon peel 10 lemons
  • alcoholic vanilla flavouring 60 g

Boil milk and cream with the vanilla pods and lemon peels.
Mix the egg yolks with sugar, starch and salt. Add the boiling milk and cream.
Cook the cream to a temperature of 86°C and cool quickly. Add the alcoholic vanilla flavour.

WHIPPED CREAM (infused with lemon peel)

  • fresh cream 1000 g
  • lemon peel 15 lemons

Add the peels of Amalfi Coast PGI lemons to the liquid cream to infuse in a cool vacuum for at least five hours. Filter.

Limoncello recipe

  • water 1.5 l
  • pure alcohol 1 l
  • large lemons 10
  • sugar 1200 g

Wash the lemons thoroughly and remove all residues. Peel the lemons by removing only the yellow part and cut the peel into small pieces. Take a glass jar and put the peels inside to macerate with 700 ml of alcohol for about 20-30 days. It is very important that the jar be closed hermetically and then left to macerate in a cool place away from light. After maceration, pour the water in a pot, bring to a boil and add the sugar until it dissolves.
Allow to cool and pour it together with the other 300 ml in the jar where the peels were left to macerate.
Close again tightly and set aside for at least a month. Subsequently filter the mixture obtained, eliminating the peels and lumps.
Pour into one or more bottles and place in the freezer before use. If well preserved, limoncello can last almost one year.


  • cream 4000 g
  • lemon-flavoured
  • pastry cream 650 g
  • milk 1000 g
  • lemon cream 400 g
  • sugar 350 g
  • vanilla sugar 100 g
  • limoncello “Sal De Riso” 100 g

Mix the lemon cream with the pastry cream and limoncello. Add the semi-whipped cream. Dilute with fresh milk to the right density. Glaze the delights and decorate with whipped cream and lemon zest.


Cook the dome-shaped sponge cake, dampen with the Amalfi
Coast limoncello, fill the lower part with the filling creams: pastry cream, lemon cream, and whipped cream.
Finally cover with lemon glaze and decorate with a tuft of cream and fresh lemon peel.

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