Black, White and Green

Black, White and Green
Truffled egg white tagliolini with marjoram and lime gelato. A triumph of flavours to greet the summer and welcome autumn. The persistent aroma of the truffle accompanied by the decisive tones of egg and Parmesan are balanced by the acidic and aromatic taste of a marjoram and lime gelato.



Truffles are hypogeal mushrooms that grow spontaneously in the ground on the roots of some trees like oaks, evergreen oaks and sessile oaks.
A precious and expensive food, it consists of a high percentage of water, fibres and mineral salts, organic substances supplied by the tree with which it lives in symbiosis.
The truffle is composed of an outer wall called peridium, sometimes smooth and other times wrinkled, depending on the species and the soil in which it grows, and it has a fleshy mass of light colour, called gleba.
Its typical penetrating and persistent scent develops as it matures and serves to attract wild animals to spread the spores and perpetuate the species.
It is cholesterol-free and rich in magnesium



  • boilesd egg white 300 g
  • water 200 g
  • Kuzu 30 g
  • beaten egg yolk 40 g
  • melted 24-month Parmesan 100 g
  • truffle perlage 40 g


Emulsify water and egg white in the blender and add the kuzu. Bring to a boil and spread on a baking sheet to cool. Dehydrate the egg white layer under vacuum 20 times, then cut into strips in the form of noodles.


Liliana Savioli – Sommelier, taster, instructor, journalist Erbaluce di Caluso 60-month classic method on the lees

Erbaluce knows how to express its personality regardless of the vinification adopted, and its versatility leads to the production of a classic vintage with a unique character.
Greenish reflections, bright in colour. Very fine and persistent perlage. Crust of bread and butter at the beginning, but then it immediately opens to the hydrocarbon and green aromas of Erbaluce. In the mouth, the bubbles are creamy and enveloping, closing at the end with hints of tang and acid.


The lime’s scientific name is Citrus aurantiifolia and it is cultivated mainly in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean.
For some time now it has also found space in European and Italian cuisine and is widely used in the preparation of famous drinks and cocktails.
It is composed of 88% water, but it also contains sugars, proteins, and fibres to which are added precious minerals (calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron,
zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, and, above all, potassium) and vitamins (C, A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, E, K, and J).

Moreover it is an excellent antioxidantable to counter free radicals.
It is a good source of antioxidants.


• water 694 g
• lime 240 g
• sugar 60 g
• trehalose 120 g
• glucose 160 g
• dextrose 80 g
• inulin 40 g
• neutral fruit stabilizer 6 g
vacuum compound
• marjoram (gross weight) 100 g
• trehalose 100 g
• water 400 g
• lime juice 240 g


Clean the marjoram sprigs, use only the leaves, immerse them in water and trehalose and leave in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours.
Prepare the syrup bringing it to 70°C and cool it to 4°C. Micronize the marjoram with water and trehalose, filter using a fine mesh, add the freshly squeezed lime juice, combine


Arrange the egg yolk on a plate laying the egg white tagliolini on top. Serve with the melted Parmesan and a sprinkling of black truffle.
Finish with Maldon salt flakes. Accompany with marjoram and lime gelato, served in an emptied rind of the fruit and decorated with marjoram and a dehydrated lime slice.

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