Easter flower

Easter flower

easter egg

A milk chocolate egg and the shadow of a hen in dark chocolate.

The milk chocolate egg is divided into two shells where the section is visible and held together by spheres that evidence and harmonize the profile.
The front shell is hollowed out by the insertion of another half shell out of which grows a pink pastel flower.
It is framed by a light hen that seems to protect the precious egg.
Water lily stems and leaves adorn and enrich this elegant Easter egg.
The bow suggests that it is a gift.

My artistic philosophy is that silicone moulds should be used as little as possible to give more space to creativity and personal ability, introducing
simple elements that give life to artistic works with maximum effect.

For the base, place a sheet of acetate on a board and pour enough to cover a 30 cm ring about 2 cm high.

With the help of moulds and polycarbonate half spheres, makes some half spheres of various sizes for placing the flower and ribbon.

For the stylized hen, spread a 5 mm layer of dark chocolate on acetate and when it starts crystallizing place a cardboard pattern over it and cut out the desired form.

To create the leaves, spread acetate on a baking sheet and then a thin layer of chocolate that has been slightly coloured green.
When it starts to crystallize, use a toothpick to draw leaves of various sizes. Scrape off the excess, and once crystallization is completed spray the leaves with a more intense green.

Use a chablon to make the bow. After having poured the chocolate on coloured
acetate, leave the folded chablon to crystallize, thereby making various ribbons.
Attach the ribbons one by one until you’ve made a nice bow. Then, attach the bow on two opposing half spheres and place it at the base of the artwork.

Use clean, steel pans to create modular bases to place on top of the base. The amount of chocolate poured will determine the thickness

For the egg, choose the desired sizes and make the two halves.
For this example, I used a 5 kg egg. We can use a smaller half shell to create the recessed effect to place the flower in.

Using a cutter, we can create stems out of dark chocolate or leaves from greencoloured chocolate.
Try limiting yourself to just a few shapes to keep things simple and elegant.

Use 3 or 4 different size chablons to make the flower petals, previously set to crystallize with a slight curve.

The petals should be attached to a structure to make the flower bulb, a half sphere with other two attached above.
Before attaching the petals, immerse it in chocolate to make the flower’s structure smooth and uniform.

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