Fresh harmonies

Fresh harmonies
Dedicated to spring and summer, these two recipes are an authentic tribute to seasonal fruits.


A large colourful cup to welcome the coming spring. A spectacular effect that is ensured thanks to the bright contrast of the fruits that are expertly selected and carved.
A further touch of opulence is provided by the inclusion of a delicate wafer leaf and three pineapple leaves that adorn the whole dessert.
A triumph of small flowers of different fruits: banana, pear, grapes, strawberry, plum.

Two tools are needed. Using a smooth knife or a scoop, cut the four corners of a fruit cube and then rotate one part clockwise and the other counterclockwise to remove the two parts and create the flower.
At the centre of the flower lay a currant berry that reproduces the pistil.
Proceed with the apricot, and cut the fruit in the middle from the outside to the inside, remove the pit and replace it with a small strawberry.
The apple rose is made by cutting the fruit horizontally and using the lower part.
To create the petals use a smooth blade knife, make four semicircular cuts around the piece.
Make a circular cut inside and remove the excess part.
Repeat the operation until a corolla is obtained.

Tip: choose a wide, long-stemmed cup with a colour at the top that recalls the colour of some fruits and contrasts with the light tones of the others

Decoration:  adorn the cup with raspberries and kiwi slices


Tip: to create an inviting cup, the creation must be completed with pineapple and wafer leaves, which are also inserted in the milk-based gelato.


An opulent cup with varied colours and fresh taste, ideal for summer.
The presentation is dominated by mango and papaya slices that contrast with the ruby ​​red topping that envelops white gelato to create a contrasting colour.

In addition to the banana flowers – that are made with a smooth knife to cut the end of a fruit cube into four sections and then rotate one part clockwise and the other counterclockwise to divide the two parts – the preparation of this cup requires the creation of small “leaves” of the two exotic fruits.
Choose a mango and a papaya with their peels intact, then with a smooth knife cut some slices that are not too large.
The central triple-crown bud is created by cutting a cube from the papaya’s pulp, making four semicircular cuts around the fruit and eliminating the central part.
Thus is obtained the double corolla flower.
Repeat the same procedure to get more crowns.
A shower of currants further enriches the cup.

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