Fresh pralines

Fresh pralines
For the creation of fresh and natural dishes based on fruit, a refreshing treat that’s easy to make with balls rich in flavour and vitamins. A particular composition for those who want to present something original and creative, an excellent solution for a summer buffet.

For this type of work use yellow and white melon, red and yellow watermelon.
Cut out 2.5 cm balls from the pulp of the fruit.
The red of the watermelon will form the basis of the composition, contrasting sharply with the dark tray.
The orange balls create the second level, then proceeding towards the apex we have yellow watermelon, red again and then a white melon ball on top.
The uniformity is broken up by the melon flower, made from a cube sliced in the four edges with an inward cut.
Detach the two parts by rotating one half clockwise and the other counterclockwise.
In the middle of the flower place a currant to form the pistil.

TIP: Use a square tray of dark lacquered wood to bring out the bright colour of the fruit.

DECORATIONS: Peppermint leaves, bright green, which accentuate the freshness of the whole pyramid.


Delicious fruit balls create an unusual and geometric presentation.
Make way for bright colours and freshness.
An unusual and spectacular idea to offer customers instead of the usual fruit salad.

To make the composition use red and yellow watermelon, melon.
Cut the melon in half to clean out its core.
Cut out some 2.5 cm balls that will be placed diagonally on a rectangular panel of dark lacquered wood that will accentuate the contrasting colours.

To make a melon flower cut a cube from the fruit.
With a smooth blade, make four semi-circular cuts around the central part of the fruit, make a second circular cut inside and remove the excess part, thus obtaining the first corolla of petals.
Repeat the cuts and remove the excess part for the second corolla of petals.
Proceed in this manner until reaching the centre of the melon.

Tip: Use whipped cream as a base to create a barrier between the gelato and the brightly coloured dish that has been chilled beforehand.
The fruit balls can be used to create unusual, delicately coloured skewers lying on a layer of gelato, or you can place three balls of gelato of different flavours on the edge of the plate.

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