My sunset

My sunset
A sweet with bright shades of colour that recall a late summer sunset. Raw almond mousse accompanies the delicate flavours of mango, apricot and raspberry that wave goodbye to the summer, while dark chocolate greets the oncoming fall

Her story

A free and creative spirit, Silvia Federica Boldetti loves the world of pastry because it allows her to express her imagination and emotions.
In February 2018 she was the first woman to join AMPI, the Italian Academy of Master Pastry Chefs.
In 2016 she won the title of Pastry Queen at Sigep. She also had a program on the Gambero Rosso Channel and participated as a competitor in the first edition of the television
program “Il Più Grande Pasticcere” (The Greatest Pastry Chef).
A multifaceted person who also enjoys writing.


• brownie
• apricot creamy sweet
• mango and apricot jelly
• almond mousse
• glaze



  • fresh butter 220 g
  • brown sugar 150 g
  • inverted sugar 40 g
  • dark chocolate 70% 165 g
  • whole eggs 170 g
  • fresh cream 35% 30 g
  • potato starch 100 g
  • fresh raspberries 100 g

Chop all ingredients except the raspberries, then pour the mixture into 16 cm diameter rings.
Finish by placing the raspberries on the surface.
Bake at 160°C for about 20 minutes.


  • fresh cream 35% 230 g
  • apricot pulp 290 g
  • milk chocolate 220 g
  • gelatin 200 bloom 4 g
  • water for gelatin 24 g

Heat the cream and add the rehydrated gelatin.
Pour the mixture over the melted milk chocolate and emulsify.
Add the apricot pulp and pour into the molds over the brownie.


  • mango pulp 400 g
  • apricot pulp 200 g
  • glucose syrup 100 g
  • inverted sugar 40 g
  • gelatin 200 bloom 10 g
  • water for gelatin 60 g

Heat the pulps with the juice and sugars. Add the rehydrated gelatin and pour into the molds
over the creamy sweet.



  • whole milk 120 g
  • gelatin 200 bloom 5 g
  • white chocolate 150 g
  • fresh cream 270 g
  • salt 1 g
  • raw almond paste 150 g
  • orange peel 1

Heat the milk with the peel in infusion, drain and dissolve the rehydrated gelatin.
Pour over melted chocolate, salt and almond paste and emulsify to make a ganache.
Lighten with semi-whipped cream.


  • sugar 410 g
  • milk 430 g
  • dextrose 160 g
  • glucose syrup 140 g
  • inverted sugar 100 g
  • gelatin 200 bloom 20 g
  • water for gelatin 120 g
  • dry milk 20 g
  • cocoa butter 200 g
  • dioxide colouring
  • pink colouring
  • orange colouring
  • red colouring

Cook the first five ingredients at 104°C, pour them over the cocoa butter and the rehydrated gelatin, then divide into four, colouring them with the four different water-soluble colourings. Leave to rest for one night.












  1. Fill the moulds to two-thirds with the almond mousse.
  2. Level the mousse well with the help of a spatula.
  3. On top of the mousse place a three-layer insert made of brownie, creamy sweet, and gelatin.
  4. Level with a spatula to remove the excess mousse, then freeze in the blast freezer before removing the mould.
  5. Flip the dessert onto a grill and cover with white glaze.
  6. (a, b, c) Pour the orange, red and pink glazes over the white coating, then add a touch of white to finish.
  7. Level and smooth the glazes.
  8. As a final touch, decorate with tufts of white chocolate.

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