A limited production lot of Panettone ai Grani Antichi, the result of a partnership between two great masters, flies to Australia to celebrate Christmas

This leavened cake made with flours from the Italian milling company Agugiaro&Figna Molini is a new product designed and produced exclusively for the Australian market.
It is the result of a partnership between the famous chef and entrepreneur of Melbourne Johnny Di Francesco and the Italian master Claudio Gatti, internationally known for his pastry and especially for his clean label panettone, without preservatives and made only with starter yeast.
Together the two professionals experimented with various doughs and recipes to make a panettone with ancient grains, a semi-whole soft wheat stoneground flour, and high nutritional values, rich in fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants.
This is not a classic leavened cake but rather a special panettone, dark in colour, very soft and
with an intense flavour.

Pastry joint venture

The product represents a return humanity’s origins as the ancient grains grown in Italy are the result of a careful selection made by farmers over 9,000 years of history.
A limited production run of about 10,000 panettone cakes will be made in Italy and shipped by air to Australia in early December to ensure their freshness.
In fact, since they contain no preservatives they will have a shelf life of 60 days.
In the future production will be shifted to Australia. Johnny Di Francesco, owner of the restaurant that launched the initiative, discovered and imported in Australia the starter yeast the Italian pastry chef Claudio Gatti has been working with for 30 years.


For all seasons

A few years ago Claudio Gatti created the event Night of the Masters of Starter Yeast.
It is a group of pastry chefs and friends who take to the streets to present their leavened artisanal products and to promote their consumption all year round.
Every July in the city of Parma 30 pastry chefs from all over Italy – the leading experts on leavened products – offer over 60 different types of leavened baked goods for tastings.

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