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OfficineGM is the union of two young entrepreneurs with different professional skills:

  • Lorenzo has worked for years in the gelato business, selling ingredients and accessories for the preparation and sale of gelato.
  • Chiara graduated in interior design at the Experimental Design Center in Ancona. From 2008 she worked as a freelance professional in partnership with several architecture studios.

In 2012 they decided to join their expertise and found OfficineGM.

The mission of the new business was to meet the growing needs of professionals in the industry looking for a highly professional partner, offering a comprehensive service to accompany and support their businesses from the design stage to logistical support, preparation, and sale of artisanal gelato.

Together they created and supported the development of a chain of artisanal gelato shops – in Uzbekistan. A successful brand in a rapidly expanding foreign market,

thus demonstrating that it can offer entrepreneurs concrete opportunities for financial investment in new markets. Because gelato speaks a universal language.


Currently the world of traditional Italian artisanal gelato is enjoying a period of

great expansion. There are many reasons for this success.

Let’s try to identify some of them:

  • Italian artisanal gelato is good and liked by people young and old.
  • The initial investment to open an artisanal gelato shop is modest.
  • This business can be run by people of all ages. From youth looking to enter the working world to adults who want to change career.

Why choose Lorenzo and Chiara as partners?

Because they are able to offer a full service to new entrepreneurs, gelato artisans, and restaurateurs. Specifically:

  • Development of the locale’s design concept.
  • Design and realization.
  • Selection of the best suppliers for furnishings and equipment.
  • Direct supply of ingredients to prepare Italian artisanal gelato.
  • Technical support to learn how to produce a good gelato.
  • Direct supply of all the accessories needed for the sale of artisanal gelato.

“We chose the word “Officina” (Workshop) because we offer both the wholesale supply of products to create an excellent artisanal gelato like semi-finished products, pastes, cones, cups and a design studio that can create the concept and follow through with the realization of the finished gelato shop.

All our products are made in Italy, from the furniture to the gelato ingredients, especially for those who want to open a business abroad, the excellence of Italian craftsmanship must be immediately recognizable and this is what OfficineGM can guarantee.”


Not just new openings, but also restylings of your shop.

According to an old saying, “You eat with your eyes,” and in fact an old locale does not have the same appeal as a fresh new environment, every detail focused on the customer. For this reason we also design new looks for existing businesses, adding value and modernizing them at competitive prices that make renovations and restylings possible for all.

Officine GM

All products and services are high quality and made exclusively in Italy.


Officine GM Viale Umberto 1 – Trecastelli (AN) – Italia
Tel. Chiara 333 75.45.742 – Lorenzo 349 56.39.062

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