Oriental Art

Oriental Art
The inspiration for these two recipes comes from the East, giving rise to an original sushi and a composition that recalls a Zen garden.


A composition that recalls Japanese cuisine. Mixed fruit sushi with rolled fresh melon slices on an elegant black dish to bring out the colours. A perfect proposal to be enjoyed with chopsticks.
Use a slightly flexible blade to cut some elongated cubes of nectarine, banana, yellow watermelon, and melon. Use a corer to cut into the rind of a half melon, then with a slicer cut transversely some thin slices that will be used to wrap the base of the cubes. The thickness of the cut needs to be calibrated so that the bending does not risk breaking the fruit. Attach the melon slice with a toothpick.
Tip: use a dark plate to bring out the fruit colours
Decoration: sprinkle with powdered sugar


Composition made with brightly coloured fruit placed on white porcelain to bring out the perfection of the arrangement. The surface of the fruit pulp is furrowed like the sand of a Zen garden, and watermelon flowers provide a delicate touch. A minimalist and elegant piece of work that you can practically smell when you look at it.
For this composition use red and yellow watermelon, melon, dark plum. The fruit should be ripe and compact enough to allow for perfect cylinders. Cut the fruit into slices, then use a steel cutter mould to cut cylinders having a maximum diameter of three centimetres. Extract the cylinders and divide them in half. Cut some half cylinders from plum, which can’t be worked with the moulds. Place them on a plate by alternating colours and keeping them perfectly aligned. Make some cubes of watermelon, all the same size, and cut an inward slice into the four edges. Remove the two parts by rotating one clockwise and the other counter clockwise. You get a flower with small crown at the centre of which you put a currant to create the pistil.

Tip: use a white porcelain dish with an inner groove to make the lines of fruit stand out. For a strong effect choose a long and narrow black tray.

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