Panettone soufflé

Panettone soufflé


Iced panettone soufflé


  • pasteurized egg yolks  125
  • syrup 30 De  150
    (*for the semifreddo base)
  • pasteurized egg whites  95
  • sugar  95
  • glucose syrup  40
    (for the Italian meringue)
  • whipped cream  575
  • dark rum  5
  • vanilla pod  1
  • orange peel  ½

Milan-type artisanal panettone   125

Combine the aromatic parts with the cream and leave to decoct (cold). Prepare the semifreddo base by heating egg yolks and syrup to 82°C. Add the panettone toasted in a pan to enhance the flavor. Mix and beat in the planetary mixer until the cream is cool. Heat egg whites, sugar, and glucose to 60°C and beat. Then whip the cream and fold in the semifreddo base and meringue. Use immediately.

Assembly and decoration

Place a 1 cm thick piece of toasted panettone on the bottom of a round mold having a diameter of 10 cm and height of 16 cm. Pour the soufflé cream and chill in the blast freezer. Remove from the mold, complete with a disc of dark chocolate, sugar strands, candied citron and orange peel, raisins, gold confetti.

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