Salon du Chocolat: What passion!

Salon du Chocolat: What passion!
The world that revolves around excellent chocolate will converge in February at the third edition of the Salon du Chocolat, at the MiCo-Milano Congressi

Organized in Milan by Digital Events, the Salon du Chocolat, an event founded 23 years ago in Paris, brought together producers, processors, pastry chefs, buyers, retailers and all lovers of the food of the gods for four days.
An area of 8,000 square meters hosted 105 exhibitors and partners, 123 protagonists, 83 events including 47 cooking shows and 36 presentations, over 9,000 tastings.
The vast array of excellent Italian and international products ranging from the classic to the innovative, also complemented with different liqueurs, satisfied even the most
demanding consumer.
The master pastry chef Davide Comaschi partnered with Alessandro Borghese to create a special chocolate caponata, and with Iginio Massari to produce the classic three-layer cremino.
Other professionals that participated included Chicco Cerea, Alessandro Comaschi, Gino Fabbri, Luigi Biasetto, Dennis Zoppi, Loretta Fanella and Monica Zacchia.
Additional support provided by the Cast Alimenti school.

Sweet design

Davide Comaschi, winner of the 2013 World Chocolate Masters and director of the Chocolate Academy Center in Milan, reproduced a classic of design history in chocolate: Cassina’s 635 Red and Blue armchair.
It is an iconic model designed by Gerrit T. Rietveld in 1918 and made of black-stained beech wood, with blue seat and red back in lacquered plywood.

SalonDuChocolate design

Choco fashion

The inaugural evening opened with the Chocolate Fashion Show.
On the catwalk a fashion show of models inspired by the Belle Époque designed
by twelve fashion designers of the Teatro della Moda, the Milanese fashion school specialized in high-end Italian artisanal tailoring.
Some pastry chefs from Ampi added chocolate accessories, details, hats, trains, flowers, medallions, bracelets and tiaras.
Grand finale with the French dresses from Maison Boissier and Jeffrey Cagnes and the creations of the young chef Paolo Griffa and the maître chocolatier Davide Comaschi.
The model created by Comaschi in partnership with the designer Cristina Bonacina was called “To love myself or not to love myself…is that the question?” was inspired by the universe of flowers and femininity, represented by the rose.

Identity of the creations

Opening the scene was “Belle Époque” followed by “Charleston,” inspired by the roaring 20s, in chocolate and gold;
“Silhouette” emphasized the sinuosity of the body with chili pepper chocolate;
“Versaille” gave a romantic femininity to the white dress decorated with flowers of white chocolate;
Silver flashes” inspired by the packaging of chocolate candies;
Secret de chenille”;
Essentialité dorée” that perfectly recalls the woman of the 1920s;
Scheherazade” inspired by the creations of Paul Poiret, a famous French fashion designer famous for revolutionizing women’s clothing in the years of the Belle Époque and reminiscent of the passion for the East of the period;
Robe del soir”;
Monsieur” with a lively bow tie, top hat and chocolate cane.

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