Three chocolates

Three chocolates


Coffee and chocolate, two of the classic ingredients in gelato and pastries, are used to make unusual and stylish creations for true connoisseurs.

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Yield: 30 small cups

Dark chocolate mousse

  • Fresh cream 35% mg         500 g A
  • Pâte à bombe                      500 g B
  • Dark chocolate                    500 g C

Milk mousse

  • Fresh cream 35% mg         500 g A
  • Pâte à bombe                      500 g B
  • Milk chocolate                     500 g C

White mousse

  • Fresh cream 35% mg         500 g A
  • Italian meringue                  500 g B
  • White chocolate                  500 g C

Recipe and construction

Place the serving cups on a tray, making sure they are all facing in the same direction.

Mousse instructions

Melt the chocolate in the microwave oven or bain marie.
Emulsify the chocolate with the egg foam.
In the planetary mixer, whip the cream until it is partially done.
Add the partially whipped cream to the rest of the ingredients, a spoonful at a time, without deflating the mix.
Use a pastry bag to portion the mousse into the cups, alternating the three chocolates, and, if necessary, placing the cups temporarily into the blast freezer between chocolate layers.
Place the treats in the blast freezer.


In a bowl combine B + C.
Whip A in a planetary mixer and add the rest of the ingredients.
Portion into cups.


Decorate as desired.


The frozen, decorated product can remain in the display case at -19°C for two weeks, or in a refrigerator at +4°C for three days.

Frozen to the core (i.e., -32°C for 1 hour) and undecorated it can remain at -19°C in a storage freezer for three months.

On the market

You can substitute the whipped mixture A + B with a neutral-flavoured mousse.


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