Traveling with… Puntoitaly!

Traveling with… Puntoitaly!
Welcome to Sigep! With this greeting PuntoITALY hostesses welcomed foreign visitors at Bologna airport. On the shuttles traveling to the trade show they found an issue of the magazine in the pocket of the seat in front of them

The perfect welcome, all passengers arriving at the airport and heading to Sigep in Rimini found their “in-flight magazine” in the pockets of all the shuttle buses organized by Sigep and traveling between the trade show and the Bologna airport.
A gift from PuntoITALY to keep them company during the trip to Rimini, the world capital of artisanal gelato and pastry.
Almost 1,000 copies of the magazine were placed in the seats of the 40 buses used for the service.

The hostesses welcomed the guests, offering them an optional interview card to be completed so that they could continue to receive a free digital version of puntoITALY in the future.
Almost 300 cards were completed and returned.
All the copies left in the shuttle buses were kept by the travelers during the five days of the event, thus holding on to
a modern magazine presenting artisanal pastry “Made in Italy”.
During the trade show, the foreign delegations on official visits were welcomed in reception rooms specially prepared
for the purpose.

PuntoITALY was present as well with dedicated corners and multilingual hostesses.
It was a positive experience that has already been confirmed and further expanded for the next edition of Sigep in 2019, as it will also feature the brand new SweetMood magazine entirely dedicated to the pastry sector.

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