When we created SweetMood we decided to give it a graphic design that is elegant and even a bit glamorous. But we had no idea that just a few months after the publication of the first issue it would have such a trendy impact, ending up in two unexpected and prestigious settings

So one day we received reports (and photos) of a well-known jewelry store located in the centre of Rome, just a stone’s throw from the legendary Via Veneto, home of Fellinis Dolce Vita, which had decorated its shop window using SweetMood magazine as a decorative accessory. Stunned yet proud, we asked the reason for this choice.
The answer was: “The elegance of the magazine and its gift box, combined with the cover image that looks so much like a jewel recalling both a ring and a bracelet, goes perfectly with our high fashion jewelry, another example of excellence Made in Italy.”


A short time after the jewelry store in Rome we learned that the magazine had appeared in a fashion boutique! Once again it was used as a decorative accessory, this time for an elegant men’s clothing shop in Varazze in the province of Savona called “Luomo”.
More evidence of the magazine’s quality, seen as an object that communicates fashion… a sweet fashion!


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