Acomag keeps Vittorio Bartyan’s memory alive


Vittorio Bartyan recently passed away due to a sudden illness. He entered the gelato world at the end of the 1950s and he contributed to the development of the sector in a unique way, first as manager of an important gelato machine manufacturer and then as an entrepreneur who founded Telme in 1987.

Since the beginning of his entrepreneurial activity, he has dedicated attention, time, and resources to the trade association, founding together with others, over 40 years ago, Acomag (the National Association of Manufacturers of Machinery, Furnishings, and Equipment for Gelato).

“Mr Bartyan generously supported with a rich heritage of skills and experience the growth of ACOMAG, and he especially provided a decisive contribution to its development while being President of the Association. We are pleased to remind you that Mr Bartyan’s Presidency lasted nine years”, says the actual President Marco Cavedagni.

Gelato artisans in Italy and overseas will always remember his precious friendship, and his contribution will continue to inspire many trade associations. Last but not least, we are pleased to inform you that Mr Bartyan recently contributed to the re-branding of ACOMAG (check it out at

Mr Bartyan will be greatly missed by our entire sector, but his memory is alive in ACOMAG.

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