An international taste

Galatea’s Butter Salted Caramel is one of the most appreciated international flavors in pastry and for gelato lovers as well. It was Monsieur Henri Le Roux, a great French chocolatier, who developed salted caramel in 1977 and offered it in bonbons, which are now famous all over the world. Galatea reinvents, for the artisanal gelato, that extraordinary combination of contrasts between sweet and salty flavors, between smooth and crunchy textures, and offers to gelato makers an all-in-one kit that includes: a complete Base for gelato with a “butter salted caramel” flavor with Himalayan salt; a creamy Variegato with an intense brown color and a characteristic taste that enhances and livens up the flavor; caramel cookie grains with no palm oil.

In line with Galatea’s philosophy, the products are free from additives, emulsifiers, thickeners and artificial colorings, and GMOs.

For a truly original presentation, you can propose the cremino gelato with variegated top and caramel cookie grains contained into the kit!

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