Dark chocolate mousse

This cream dessert is a celebration of chocolate that meets the refreshing and delicate flavour of mandarin oranges. It is enriched with the caramel flavour that is brought out thanks to the addition of salt.


• dark chocolate mousse
• milk chocolate cream
• mandarin orange gel
• mandarin orange powder
• candied mandarin orange
• Creme Anglaise with salted caramel


• milk 150 g
• sheet gelatine 6 g
• 72% dark chocolate 225 g
• cream whipped to soft
peaks 225 g

Lightly whip the cream to soft peaks using a stand mixer if possible. Chop the chocolate and add the gelatine that has been previously bloomed. Heat the milk, and when it boils, pour it over the chocolate. Blend with an immersion blender without incorporating any air. Then, add the obtained mixture to the lightly whipped cream and mix well. Pour mixture into silicon moulds. Freeze the product then remove from moulds.


• milk 100 g
• glucose 6 g
• sheet gelatine 3 g
• milk chocolate 160 g
• cream 220 g

Chop the chocolate, then add the gelatine that has been previously bloomed. Heat the milk together with the glucose. When it is boiling, pour it on the chocolate then mix with an immersion blender. Add the liquid cream while continuing to mix. Cover the obtained mixture with plastic wrap directly in contact with the cream, and leave in the refrigerator for 12 hours.


• mandarin orange juice 300 g
• sugar 60 g
• water 40 g
• sheet gelatine 7 g

Add sugar to the mandarin orange juice then bring to a boil. Melt the gelatine in the water, and when it starts boiling, add it to the juice. Spread the mixture onto plastic wrap and let thicken in the refrigerator. Then blend and push through a sieve.


• mandarin oranges 4/6

Peel the mandarin oranges and dry the peels. After 24 hours, reduce them to a powder in a blender.



• mandarin orange peels
• water
• sugar

Starting with cold water, bring the peels to a boil three times. Then, weigh the orange peels. In a small saucepan, add the same weight of water and half the weight of sugar together with the boiled orange peels. When the peels with the syrup have started boiling, place them in a vacuum-packed bag and leave them overnight to dry at 70°C. The next day, place them on a perforated pan and bake in a steam oven at 70°C for 30 minutes. Cut them into cubes for the dessert.


• granulated sugar 150 g
• cream 50 g
• butter 35 g
• fine salt 7 g
• whole milk 500 ml
• fresh cream 100 g
• egg yolks 3
• granulated sugar 70 g

Melt the sugar on medium heat until it becomes an amber colour, then slowly add the cream that has been previously heated. Add butter and salt, then mix until a smooth and uniform caramel has been obtained. In another saucepan, heat milk and cream and, at the same time, mix the egg yolks and sugar together. When the milk and cream have started boiling, add the caramel carefully melting it. Then, add the egg yolk and sugar mixture to the caramel mixture, placing it back on the heat and cooking it until it reaches 85°C, taking care to continue to mix it. Transfer the mix to a gelato machine and serve frozen.

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