Eat with your eyes

Eat with your eyes
Gelato isn’t just a street food to be enjoyed on an evening stroll, but it can also be enjoyed on the fashion runway. It is growingly interconnected with the concepts of fashion and glamour. From the glossy pages of Vogue, to the pages of Facebook, these original images have made their way throughout social media…


Gelato has never been so iconic. It is a symbol of childhood memories, an emblem of summer with its joyful colours that are full of life. It is a product that creates happiness for all ages, but it is also attractive and intriguing. It is pleasant to the eyes, given its “instagrammability.”
Gelato unites professional knowhow with artisanal creativity, which are characteristics shared by stylists’ collections. It isn’t by chance that sartorial gelato” is often discussed, that is, gelato that is custom made. This comes to mind especially regarding the attention given to the ingredients. The high-quality raw ingredients used in gelato can be compared to the prized fabrics chosen to give life to clothing.


The stylist Marco De Vincenzo presented his Spring-Summer 2020 collection with unusual accessories.
Models strutted the runway while enjoying a cone of gelato that matched the colour of their clothes. It was a triumph of linear, monochromatic pieces, ranging from pink, to aqua green, to apricot. It was a true anthem to summer. In this way, gelato literally took to the runway, transforming itself into a true fashion object and a coordinated accessory.


There are many examples of fashion adventuring into the gelato shop. In 2019, Swarovski created a gelato themed limited-edition line: cones and popsicles adorned bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. For Fashion Week that same year, the Roman gelato shop Steccolecco created artisanal popsicles in various flavours with the Fendi Logo. For the 2018 Fashion week, the Milan-based gelato shop Gusto 17 prepared gelato flavours with colours that celebrated three important fashion houses: pink for Schiaparelli, black for Yves Saint Laurent and yellow & black for Fendi.


The copious interconnection between the pastry and fashion worlds isn’t a novelty. The confectionary world is an inspiration for many stylists, whereas pastry chefsare intrigued by fashion and jewellery objects. Just think about events such as “Salon du Chocolat,” where chocolate is modelled into super-original outfits designed by stylists, creating the stage for a unique fashion show. Cake Design is inspired by crochet and lace, for example with monumental cakes decorated with evanescent lace made of sugar paste. The chocolate rings from Master Pastry Chef Roberto Rinaldini’s line “Chocodiamante” are just like refined jewels.


Marco De Vincenzo was born in Messina (Sicily) and when he was 18 years old, after graduating from the Classical Studies High School, he moved to Rome to study Fashion and Costume at the European Design Institute. When he was 21, he joined Fendi’s creative offices, where he currently holds a position as the Creative Director of leather goods.
In 2009, he launched his eponymous label, and in July 2009 he was awarded first place of the “Who is On Next?” competition organized by Vogue Italy.
In 2014, he signed a partnership with LVMH. Today, Marco De Vincenzo is recognized internationally as one of the most original and interesting voices in the contemporary Made-in-Italy fashion world. What makes Marco De Vincenzo’s work stand out is his innate tendency to contradict himself, bringing him to experiment and to search for innovation within every collection.

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