Gelatop: Cookie dough – now in ice cream

A new ice cream parlour trend

Edible cookie dough is this year’s social media trend. In retail, cookie dough ice cream has long been a popular flavour all over the world. With our cookie dough mix, you can bring this trendy experience to your ice cream parlour. Whether pure as a scoop or as a soft component in the ice cream. The intense buttery, vanilla flavour and the soft, doughy consistency bring back memories of baking cookies with grandma for both young and old.

Whether chocolate chip or salted pretzel, cookie dough is the trend going viral on social media, and is now also available in the Gelatop range as a cookie dough mix. Its simple, failproof preparation makes this product an absolute hit certain to bring back memories of the good old times for many.

Simple preparation sure to be a success

Simple preparation in a food processor, by hand or using an ice cream maker makes this new product especially attractive for ice cream parlours. Besides eating it “pure”, marbled or made into an ice cream sandwich, confectionary or no-bake pizza, the cookie dough can also be custom finished. Let your fantasy run wild!

There’s no denying the benefits over homemade cookie dough. Use of heat treated flour and absence of egg make this product hygienically safe when used and cooled properly, as proven by testing.

The cookie dough gets its creamy texture thanks to oil added in place of butter. As a result, the dough keeps its soft consistency when cooled, both pure and in ice cream, making for a pleasant surprise when eaten. The mix exclusively uses natural flavouring for a full taste.

Individual finishing

The cookie dough mix offers numerous options for customising the flavour and appearance based on your own needs. Gelatop offers a wide range of decors, flavouring pastes and, above all, ideas.

Gelatop cookie dough is a premix for preparing edible cookie dough that revives the flavour of “back in the day”. The new cookie dough mix (art. no. 44000) requires 130 g of water and 220 g of oil per 1,000 g of powder and is available from specialist wholesalers in a 10 kg sack.


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