Going beyond your imagination

Pistachio: a real passe-partout in the preparation of take away specialties garnished as your imagination suggests.

The pistachio take-out soft gelato recipe can be used for all fatty pastes (hazelnut, almond, pine nuts, peanut butter) to produce all categories of treats: single portions, cookies, cannoli, mini portions on wafers, in jars, and cakes. It is very well suited to be offered in conjunction with milk take-out soft gelato, finished with dark chocolate, or flavoured and garnished with nut crunches and spreadable creams suited for freezing temperatures.

Preparation of the pistachio take-out soft gelato is almost the same as for the impulse version, but the shelf life changes, as does the destination of the gelato once it has been dispensed.

• Pasteurize the pistachio mix at 85°C or use pistachio paste to flavour a cold white base.
• Once the base or complete mix has aged, it can be poured into the soft machine’s storage tank.
• If granules or solid lumps appear in the mixture, before pouring it into the tank of the machine it is best to blend it more and filter it with a chinois or fine strainer.
• Set the machine to “Production” mode by configuring the gelato pastry texture.
• Replace the classic star nozzle use for cones with the nozzles used for making gelato treats.
• After a few minutes the gelato will be ready to be portioned into the desired supports.
• For this preparation it is best to use a machine with a pump to add the right amount of overrun to the product.
• All the treats must be made quickly so as not to lose temperature, and then frozen to the core in the blast freezer for finishing and preserving the qualities of structure and flavour.


• The shelf life of the pistachio mix in the storage tank is approximately three days (72 hours). For this reason, even if the machine is continuously refilled with new mix, washing is required at the end of three days after the first operation.
• If the soft machine is “self-pasteurizing” the shelf life of the mixes is extended significantly thanks to the regularly scheduled automatic pasteurization, so washing can be carried out every four weeks.
• The positioning of the treats made with the take-out soft gelato method and recipe can be inside a traditional gelato shop as a complement to classic gelato (even in winter), in a pastry shop as an inverse deseasonalizing option (in the summer), or as a standalone
format for the purposes of selling them wholesale to other businesses.
• Once portioned and properly frozen in their final shapes, the take-out soft gelato can stay in the display case at -18°C for a few days without suffering in quality and appearance. The take-out soft gelato can also be stocked – well protected in containers – at -18°C in a freezer for a few weeks.

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