Pineapple Bloom

This is a visually striking composition, created by a slice of pineapple that seems to be blooming directly in the cup. It is a great alternative lunch idea, thanks to the pineapple’s fibre content that helps satisfy your appetite.

Select a medium sized fruit that has reached a medium level of ripeness. The skin should not be too green (meaning it is not ripe enough yet), nor too brown (a sign that it is overly ripe). Its aroma should not be intense, another sign that the fruit is overly ripe. This would make it difficult to cut and to manipulate the slices. Wash the skin with running water, then peel the fruit without going too deep. A little pit of peel left here and there will be useful when trying to bend the pineapple slices. Slice the fruit lengthwise with a slicer set at 2/3 mm thick. This is a fundamental step to create flexible slices that are easy to work with. If they are cut thicker, then they would be less flexible. If they are cut thinner, they will not keep their form, or they could possibly break


Add fruit-flavoured gelato to the cup and top with whipped cream. With the pineapple slices, create two small bouquets. With one of the bouquets, garnish the cup with the gelato and whipped cream. With the other, add a strawberry to the middle and position it on the plate underneath the cup.
Chef’s tip. You can use a clear glass cup and layer different-coloured fruit gelato. The whipped cream should always be added because, thanks to its consistency, it helps support the slices of pineapple.

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