PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

Tips for use Lactose-free milk and cream are used in the gelato shop just like the equivalent products that contain lactose, with the precaution to reformulate the sweetness based on the flavour and the recipe. Lactose-free products have the particularity of being naturally sweeter than traditional products. The machines used to treat the mix and the gelato need to be cleaned before using to eliminate any residues of mix or gelato that contain lactose. It is also important to ensure that other products that could be added to the mix do not contain any lactose: therefore, do not add skim milk powder or milk proteins, as they could contain small quantities of milk sugar. For information, visit the website www.frascheriprofessionale.com The amount of people who are intolerant to the naturally occurring sugar in milk grows every year. Professionals are therefore adapting to the new requests from customers, also thanks to companies such as Frascheri, which meet the demands of the market with a selection of products for professional gelato shops. With almost sixty years of history behind them, Frascheri constantly innovates its range of traditional products to offer excellence to gelato shops that are most attentive to the newest market trends. How? With the “lactose free” versions of its most famous products. Ideal for modern gelato and pastry shops, Frascheri’ s lactose-free UHT milk and Arianna Cream with 35% fat maintain the organoleptic properties, the goodness and the typical structure of traditional products. Frascheri’ s products therefore expand and improve, yet they constantly retain their distinctive qualities: the raw material is 100% Italian milk; all the products have been created by professionals and tailored for them; the professional line is complete, with products that meet the styles of gelato and pastry shops with different modern dietary needs. White, reliable and free from lactose, Frascheri’ s UHT Arianna Cream with 35% fat is an ingredient that joins the rest of Frascheri’ s lactose-free products: it is 100% Italian and specifically designed to give professionals reliable ingredients, always in line with the latest food trends. Lactose-free cream and milk for a more inclusive gelato FRASCHERI 106