PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

In a gelato shop as in a pastry shop, each creation should talk about the artisan and our job is to make sure that he can offer a product that is always original and unique. The artisan is our point of reference and we give him all our attention. This is why we are by his side every day by offering personalized training that allow us to draw inspiration from each other. Yes, because “growing together” is the precious value on which we base all our collaborations. Fructital is comparison and growth, it is always pursuing new goals and... it is family. For 100 years we have been there to give you moments of joy to share with the people you love. For 100 years together. It was 1922 when a Piedmontese entrepreneur moved by a great passion for confectionery, gave birth to Fructital. It all started in a small laboratory in the heart of the city of Turin, where flavoring essences for pastry were produced. In a century of history and important goals achieved, the family has always been the center of the growth path of the company. If shared with everyone, the passion for one’s work becomes inspiration and strength. Today as yesterday, the love for the territory and the quality of made In Italy guide us through the choice of raw materials which come from carefully selected partners. Our production continues to be inspired every day by tradition, combining artisanal production methods with innovative systems that allow us to guarantee our clients quality, speed and flexibility. For 100 years together FRUCTITAL 114