PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

Say it... with Frisbee! The Frisbee line includes a varied selection of 65 mm diameter wafers, perfect for decorating gelato served in a cone or a cup: Vanilla Frisbee; Cocoa Frisbee; the vibrant Color Frisbee with green, red and yellow hues; Duo Frisbee, made with two different mixes, a vanilla one and a chocolate one. Gluten Free Frisbee is also available, dedicated to those who are intolerant to gluten, as well as vegans and those who want to follow a healthy diet. This line of products has recently obtained certification from the Italian Health Ministry as a “gluten-free food item specifically formulated for people who suffer from coeliac disease or who are gluten-intolerant.” Crispy and fragrant, the Frisbee wafers are available for professionals in 1000-piece boxes. Frisbee can also be an original “business card” for the gelato shop that wants to differentiate itself. I.Co. Cialde offers its customers a personalization service that allows you to print the name and logo of the shop, or any desired promotion message, directly on the wafer. For information: www.icocialde.com You drink it, you eat it, you enjoy it until to the very end. It is DrinkEat, the innovative creation by I.Co. Cialde: a small glass-shaped wafer completely lined with dark chocolate which can give a touch of irresistibility to any artisanal delicacy. It is perfect to enjoy your morning espresso, or with a gelato or yogurt after lunch; it goes well with pudding for a snack or with a shot of alcohol after a dinner with friends… And once you have finished the contents, you can continue to enjoy the crunchy wafer and its delicious layer of chocolate. Being an edible container, DrinkEat does not impact the environment therefore it is in full harmony with nature. DrinkEat is a product with high added value for gelato parlours, pastry shops, retail and foodservice, and it is available in practical packs of 8 glasses, or in a format for catering. Irresistible to the very end I.CO. CIALDE 126