PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

has arrived, so soft and refreshing to make any creation heavenly! Perfect exactly as it is in the gelato pan, batch frozen, or it can be used as a variegate sauce for gelato cakes or in the preparation of semifreddo. Perfect with fruit, such as with the recipe “Colori & Sapori Cremino,” where Quello Yogo unites the sweet and sour taste of blood oranges with the lively notes of Fiordizenzero; or with the “Red & White Cremino,” with all the refreshing goodness of Granfrutta Pomegranate. The years go by, but Quella is always everyone’s favourite, delicious, and versatile! For information: www.mec3.com It has reinvented gelato and its variegate sauce, paving the way for new forms of pleasure. It is the undisputed queen of creams for gelato shops; it’s unique and irreplaceable, a flavour icon born from the creative genius of Mec3. We are talking about Quella, the first and original spreadable cream for gelato. Those who thought that its versatility had limits will have to think again when they taste the newest Quella Tiramisu, dedicated to one of the most loved desserts in the world. For the first time, it is proposed in a never- seen- before form, thanks to the seductive goodness of a tiramisu-flavoured spreadable cream. It can satisfy any sweet tooth with a Bombardino Cremino version, with an elegant touch of the Whisky Cream variegate sauce; or it can be served as a Crunchy Tiramisu Cremino, thanks to the crunchiness of the torrone paste. For yogurt lovers, Quella Yogo Quella seduces in tiramisu version MEC3 148