PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

of elements that end up in the waste (for example, by making a lid superfluous in some products), put the company at the forefront of eco-friendly developments in an international context. This commitment allowed the company to obtain, already in 2006, the UNI EN ISO 14001 “Environmental Management Systems” certification. Play and recycle One of the greatest expressions of Medac’s ecological commitment is represented by the new line of gelato cups called Cup&Play. Each container is a small marvel of design and is inspired by the art of origami. Origami is an Asian technique (from the Japanese word “ori” which means to fold, and “kami” which indicates paper) which by folding a piece of paper several times, a myriad of figures inspired by the world of nature are obtained. By scanning the QR code on the cup, you are directed to Medac’s website where you can view instructions to make origami. From there, you can access the environmental labelling area, which guides the consumer on how to correctly dispose of the container, aimed at promoting recycling instead of littering. For over sixty years, Medac has been offering professionals all over the world a complete range of containers for takeaway of gelato, pastry, food and drink. Each idea is the result of attentive research on design, which makes it not only a highly creative company but also respectful of the environment. The choice to use completely recyclable materials, together with a design philosophy aimed at reducing the number Green creativity MEDAC 152