PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

PreGel offers a gelato flavour that unites tradition and simplicity thanks to the goodness of whole lingonberries and to the fresh flavour of farm cheese. Farm Cheese Sprint is a complete ready-to-use product with which you can obtain an inviting gelato or soft serve with the fresh flavour of farm cheese. It pairs perfectly with the new Arabeschi® Lingonberry: a delicious lingonberry variegate sauce with whole pieces of fruit, characterized by a sour note and an elegant bright red colour. It can also be used with a yogurt- or vanilla- flavoured gelato, and it is perfect for making a cheesecake flavour with fruit. Farm Cheese Sprint is available in packs of twelve 1.1 kg bags, whereas Arabeschi® Lingonberry is sold in packs of two 3 kg buckets. The flavour of tradition PREGEL 164