PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

market of semi-finished products and ingredients. The new Disaronno Ingredients today represents A UNIQUE AND INTEGRATED REALITY capable of positioning itself on the market as a single representative for its numerous clients, while maintaining the particular characteristics of each brand that makes up the group: Anselmi, Prodotti Stella, Montebianco, Chiaravalle, Eurobisco and Selection. The decision to create a new business entity was born over the years, since players such as Montebianco and other industry companies have had to face increasingly difficult challenges in a mature market. This has happened especially in countries historically linked to artisanal gelato, such as Italy and Germany, where an increasingly less constant growth and a mostly limited market penetration have been recently faced, despite the average per capita consumption being among the highest. Disaronno Ingredients was thus born with the objective to present itself on the market with a different approach and with new strengths, focusing considerably on the integration between the different realities of the business group and on a project that aims at the rebirth of a GELATO & BAKERY industry in the name of excellence. Furthermore, with its strong “Brand Awareness”, the Disaronno brand allows the new company to increase its credibility and strength in a market increasingly full of threats, equipped with a greater visual identity especially at an institutional and corporate level. From a strategic point of view, the ambition of the project is to lead the new-born company in achieving a level of prestige within the relevant industry. To support this strategy, important and consolidated production sites both located in Italy are present: in the factory in Altavilla Vicentina (Vicenza), the production of GELATO ingredients has been consolidated through modern industry technologies, whereas in Chignolo Po (Pavia), a technological centre dedicated to the production of BAKERY products is located. Both production areas distinguish themselves by using a selection of the best ingredients along with the use of sophisticated tools and innovative technologies that conserve the pure organoleptic qualities of the ingredients. Numerous certifications have been obtained in terms of safety and quality: FSSC22000, ISO 9001, RSPO SG, KAT, UTZ MB, HALAL and KOSHER certifications.