PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

Disaronno Ingredients presents itself on the market with a mission to be a true partner, capable of helping and supporting clients from a 360° perspective. This is in regards not only to ingredients and raw materials, but also in undertaking new business ideas and finding new solutions. This group has an international vocation with a constant presence abroad which aims to oversee the most strategically important outlet markets thanks to five operating branches around the world: USA, France, Poland, Germany and Spain. The values that guide this new company to face a booming market are united by the desire to excel in terms of passion, innovation, quality and competence. Excellence is and will always be synonymous with Disaronno Ingredients as it performs its numerous activities, while recognizing the specific peculiarities of the individual brands of the group and having a corporate target to be competitive in a strongly expanding market. In terms of product excellence and quality, one of the most important cornerstones of the new Disaronno Ingredients is the brand-new Institute of Food Science & Innovation: an innovative research and development centre established by Disaronno Ingredients. It is made up of a team of the highest level of researchers at an international level in the field of food technologies. Through the analysis of market trends, collaborations with prestigious universities, formulation of new ideas and new processing techniques, the objective is to research excellence, essential to offering its customers the best support possible. Research of multisensorial experiences with the development of creative knowledge along with the possibility to savour and analyse a good gelato with all 5 senses will be respectively the tasks of the Institute of Creation, Application and Education and of the Sensory Analysis Laboratories.