PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

Equally central to ILLVA Group’s path of growth and development is the concept of Sustainability: starting from 2021, the company has set itself targets to integrate sustainability into its business strategies with the desire to create a new and modern company culture. Understanding the needs of the various stakeholders and redistribution of the value generated by them are only some of the various actions to be carried out so that the company can review its business model while looking to the future in the name of sustainability. Brands such as Anselmi, the first brand of a historic producer of gelato ingredients, and Montebianco and Prodotti Stella, both historic companies for their attention to innovation and for the constant consistency of their products, represent strategic assets for the ILLVA Group, and they are positioned to guarantee a solution for all the needs of professionals in the industry. Eurobisco, Chiaravalle and Selection supply complementary products for points of sale, and they complete the range of products offered, guaranteeing clients total support that is continuous throughout time. The future appears full of opportunities for growth and development today, and Disaronno Ingredients wants to undertake this process of spreading “Made in Italy” products around the world in the best of ways. Because at Disaronno Ingredients, we are PROUD AMBASSADORS OF ITALIAN EXCELLENCE IN THE WORLD.