PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

INTERVIEW Artisanal gelato is living an incredibly positive moment, even with the forced limitations due to the pandemic. It remains a simple product that is affordable and is an excellent value for money. Do you agree with this assessment and what future do you foresee? Artisanal gelato wants to grow, and gelato chefs want to put on the same level as chefs de cuisine and pastry chefs. The biggest mistake that unites all gelato shops is having the same price for all flavours. This puts all the ingredients on the same level, and unfortunately, in the eye of the consumer, puts all of us on the same level. I think that everyone can agree on the fact that pistachios cost more than a lemon, and there is a difference between a pure pistachio and another pistachio that has been cut together with other products. But all the different flavours are sold at the same price, creating a sort of “boomerang” effect for the inexperienced customer who perhaps does not see the difference. 26