PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

FAIRS TOUR one which saw the Italian Team triumph in a particularly exciting edition of the Pastry World Cup, and another which saw the French Davy Tissot achieve success in the prestigious Bocuse d’Or. LEVANTE PROF Bari (Italy), 26 - 29 September It was one of the first trade shows to open its doors after the forced closure of events throughout the world, so it was very exciting to pass through the turnstiles to the event. The numbers amply rewarded the organizers’ efforts, because in an area of nearly 18 thousand square meters, there was a real “crowd” of visitors, many of which were foreigners coming mostly from the Balkan Peninsula. It was understandable the general satisfaction of this week-long international exhibition specialized in the wheat supply chain (bakery, pastry, pizza and fresh pasta), gelato, beer, wine, café, restaurant, packing, hospitality, agri-food machineries and technologies. The 12th PuntoIT Trophy saw the participants try their hand at creating a speciality which followed the theme of “A gelato to be paired with panettone.” Winning first place was Maria Chiara Sanna with “Dositheo,” a cream gelato with vanilla beans, Dositheo passito (a sweet wine obtained with the drying of Cacchione and Malvasia Puntinata grapes on racks, with white vinification at a controlled temperature), and Malaga raisins soaked in the passito wine. Levante Prof also confirmed its role in training through masterclasses, laboratories, workshops and seminars on the world of agri-food and on quality professionalism in processing. In the meantime, organization of the eighth edition, scheduled for March 10-13, 2023, has already started. 34