PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

CASSATA Suitable for... Single portions, cakes, loafs on a baking sheet Doses for two 16x8 cm loafs, h 8 cm SEMIFREDDO INGREDIENTS Fresh cream with 35% fat content 1000 g A Fresh sheep ricotta 400 g B Italian meringue 300 g C Candied fruit 200 g D Powdered sugar 50 g E Orange blossom flavouring 1 g F RECIPE AND CONSTRUCTION Prepare the mould by cutting a 16x8 cm rectangle of an almond-flavoured cake. Wet the cake with a non-flavoured sugar syrup. Protect the inner edge of the mould with an acetate cake collar. In the stand mixer, blend the ricotta, powdered sugar and orange blossom flavouring, then push mixture through a sieve. Delicately mix the meringue with the ricotta cream until an even mixture is obtained. In the stand mixer, whip the cream to soft peaks, and add to the rest of the mix, one spoon at a time to avoid deflation. Add the candied fruit. Portion the semifreddo mixture into the mould until it is filled completely. Place mould into blast freezer until completely hardened. SUMMARY Mix B + E + F. Add C to ricotta cream. Whip A and add to mixture. Add candied fruit. Fill mould and place in blast freezer. DECORATION Once the semifreddo is ready, remove from mould, form a loaf and place on top of a cake board. Decorate with pistachio-flavoured almond paste. STORAGE If the decorated product has been blast-frozen, it can be stored in the display case at -19°C for two weeks. If it has been blast-frozen to its core (for example: at -32°C for 1 hour) it can be stored in a storage freezer set at -19°C for three months. ON THE MARKET The whipped product A can be substituted with a semifreddo base product with a neutral flavour. The ricotta and candied fruit can be substituted with a cassata flavour paste for gelato, following the amounts indicated by the producer. Cassata semifreddo Themed decorations (ribbon) made with pistachio-flavoured almond paste Almond-flavoured sponge cake 39