PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

FENNEL COMPOSITION • Semi-candied fennel • Orange and fennel gelato • Crunchy carrot chips ORANGE AND FENNEL GELATO INGREDIENTS: • lactose 38 g • sugar 29 g • glucose 96 g • maltodextrin 10 g • dextrose 13 g • nonfat dry milk 13 g • inulin 3 g • neutral stabilizer 3 g • orange pulp 459 g • fennel juice 336 g INSTRUCTIONS According to best practice and chill in the blast freezer. CRUNCHY CARROT CHIPS Slice the carrots lengthwise and dip into the hot syrup 30° De, drain thoroughly, and arrange on a silicone sheet. Dry in the oven at 70-80°C valve open and store in an airtight container. ASSEMBLY AND DECORATION Form a ball of orange and fennel gelato and place on a piece of semi-candied fennel. Chill slightly in the blast freezer. Complete with carrot chips and wild fennel sprigs. Serve immediately. SEMI-CANDIED FENNEL INGREDIENTS: • water 250 g • sugar 250 g • glucose 50 g • fennel 450 g INSTRUCTIONS Boil water, sugar, and glucose. Cool to 60°C, add the slightly boiled fennel pieces. Let soak and cool. Repeat the operation three times, always heating the syrup to 60°C. When finished allow to soak until completely semi-candied. Refrigerate. 49