PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

RAW VEGETABLE GELATO photos by Morguefile and Sxc.hu SEASONED RAW VEGETABLE GELATO INGREDIENTS: • milk 187 g • cream 50 g • dextrose 163 g • salt 3 g • olive oil 80 g • glucose powder 20 g • celery 100 g • bell pepper 150 g • raw fennel 50 g • carrots 150 g • vegetable fibres 44 g • pepper to taste INSTRUCTIONS Blend all vegetables and let marinate. Pasteurize all the other ingredients until they reach a temperature of 85°C then let cool. Add vegetable puree to mix, then batch-freeze. COMPOSITION Place the salmon on the plate with two quenelles of gelato. Serve with fresh vegetables and a sauce made with aromatic herbs. SALMON INGREDIENTS: • slice of salmon 1 • citrus fruits (lemons or oranges) 2 • mixed vegetables to taste • salt to taste INSTRUCTIONS Salt the salmon and let it marinate together with the citrus peels in a vacuumed packed bag for one day. Remove salt then let marinate with citrus and vegetables. 51