PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

EXOTIC PARTY A gelato sundae decorated with a rich fruit salad made with exotic ingredients, which not only adds vivid colours and exceptional nutritional value, but they are also considered to bring good luck for the new year. Chef’s tip. Choose a white backdrop that will accentuate the bright colours of the fruit. Offer gelato flavours such as fiordipanna or fruit-based ones. It is important that they have delicate taste so that they do not overpower the flavours of the fresh fruit. To recreate fans, use Granny Smith apples for its delicious flavour and acidic taste; an elongated mango that is green and yellow and has fibrous pulp; and lastly, a papaya that should be soft to the touch and perfectly ripe. Wash and dry all the fruits. Then with a sharp non-serrated knife, cut out a few slices that are not too thick and remove the seeds. The apple slices should be handled with care since they are thin. Place the slices on three sides of the sundae cup. To recreate small flowers, from a slice of winter melon cut out five equally sized cubes, then with a small knife make four incisions on the edges; as you are making the incisions, vibrate slightly the knife so as to recreate the waves of a petal. Rotate the two halves of the fruit in opposite directions. To create a double corolla melon flower, after having made incisions on every side with a semi-circular cut, remove the excess and repeat the operation. Pick a medium-sized yellow papaya with its skin intact, to create a central flower. Cut the fruit in half transversally and with a crinkle-cut knife, make a circular cut around the central part of the fruit; continue all around to recreate the first flower, removing any excess. Repeat the process with deeper cuts, following the same procedure, along the peel to create petals. Add a current to the centre of each flower to recreate the pistil. 61