PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

The new visual identity also confirms Sigep’s commitment to being a business platform with constant professional development thanks to a rich calendar of collateral events that will be organized during the five days of the exhibition. At Sigep 2022, the Vision Plaza returns with nonstop talks on trends in supply chains, consumers, technologies, and market strategies in different countries around the world. The program also includes the traditional setting of four Arenas dedicated to gelato, pastry, baking and coffee which will be the backdrop for a continuous exchange of events, competitions and demonstrations with the greatest maestros of artisanal sweets in the world. Much attention, of course, will be paid to the issue of safety for visitors and for exhibiting companies, thanks to the anti-covid protocols named #safebusiness by IEG. Sigep is also Gbac Star accredited, the worldwide program that certifies that application of international standards for cleaning, sanitation and prevention of infectious risks for staff in exhibition halls. Furthermore, with Safe Travel, the organizing entity will provide timely and constant informative assistance on the rules and obligations to which international visitors and exhibitors much comply for entry to Italy. Only for the best At Sigep 2022, Gelato d’Oro returns, an event that will lead to the selection of the members who will compose the Italian team competing at the 10thGelatoWorldCup, scheduled inRimini in2024. The worldwide championship, which every two years elects the champion team of the world in the gelato industry, foresees a new development for the next edition. A Gelato European Cup will be organized. This European championship is planned for 2023 and it will be a true “elimination round” of the teams, each of which will be composed of a gelato maestro, a pastry chef and a chocolatier. Therefore, the automatic participation “by right” will end and a new phase of the competition begins. The Italian team, in collaboration with the Club Italia of the Gelato World Cup, must compete in this “confirmation” round during the Gelato European Cup, after which, it can compete at the world championship with the most distinguished teams. The selection of the pastry chefs in the Gelato Arena is scheduled for January 23 with two competition trials: an artistic piece in brittle, and a chocolate gelato cake. The selection of the gelato chefs in Gelato d’Oro will be articulated first in semi-finals, held on January 24 and 25, with two trial competitions - a “mystery cream” and a “mystery fruit.” The finals will be held on January 26, with the creation of a single portion dessert in a glass and a savoury gelato. The European Cup will join other intercontinental selections: the second edition of the Asian Cup is scheduled for April 2022 in Singapore; the fourth Latin American Cup is scheduled in Buenos Aires in June 2022; and a selection round will be held in the United States. 63