PUNTOITALY No29 - January 2022

The range varies from the most traditional sponge cake, classic or flavoured with pistachio butter, to decadent shortbread and crème diplomat tartlets, and in between including the trendy desserts from the other side of the pond, such as brownies, muffins and cupcakes. It even includes the famous red velvet cake! It is an excellent offer also for those who want to offer alternative products in their shop during the times of year when gelato is in less demand. Beyond the quality aspect of their products, the company also pays attention to consumers, their eating habits and their requests, which are in constant evolution both for health and cultural reasons. Each message that comes from the market is gathered and analysed to offer an excellent, innovative and quality answer. The new line of Babbi products which is dedicated to baked goods was developed thanks to this commitment: a vast range of ingredients to produce baked desserts that are simple, versatile and Gluten free certified. It is a complete line of substitute flour mixes that can be used by just adding milk/cream, butter and eggs to create delicious gluten-free specialties in a fast and practical way. Gluten free tastiness BABBI 76