PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

Geldue has always been keen on meeting the new demands of the market and for this reason, a new line of soft ice cream products has born. The Softygel milk-free line offers ready-to-use powders which need just water to get an excellent result in terms of creaminess, taste and overrun. The masterfully balanced formulas and the selected raw materials result into an amazing milk-free soft ice cream. The wide range also meets the consumers’ demand: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, strawberry and lemon. Easy and fast: just mixing the powder of each sachet (1,2 kg) with water (2,5 lt) and that’s it. Commitment and passion For more than thirty years, Geldue has been manufacturing gelato ingredients, always combining the quality of its solutions with an equal efficiency in serving the customer. Geldue’s technical and commercial staff places its hand-on experience and flexibility at complete disposal of the clientele, never failing in offering premium quality products that meet even the most demanding customers’ requests. Commitment and passion are the everyday fuel of Geldue’s engines and the indispensable endowment for satisfying old and new customers. In the ever changing world of business the quality of products is essential but it would not be enough without a careful and punctual service. Whether it comes to transport logistics or technical and commercial problem-solving, Geldue takes pride in being more than just a supplier, but rather a business partner. No milk? No problem! GELDUE 120