PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

MOF: a precious ally in the lab GELITA Pastry is coming, and Gelita MOF is your indispensable assistant in the lab: it is the muscle to your brain, the executor to your thought. Let it save you the stress and the costs tied to boring, repetitive preparations or the necessity of additional help. Let it do the hard work, so you can concentrate on more worthy tasks. Let it be your tireless, trustful, valuable partner. The experience of the R&D dept. in Italy, combined with the knowledge of our pastry chefs, allowed us to develop the best pastry, gelato, and slush recipes. Gelita MOF is a simple, fast, and intuitive multi-function machine, with a constant and high-quality product result, even at half load. Furthermore, it is now upgrated to make Jam and Spreadable Cream too! Brace yourself. Programs: Custard, Bavaroise cream, English cream, Lemon curd, Bechamel, Fruit jelly, Gelato, Sorbet, Slush, Free program. Follow us on: IG /gelitask FB /gelitask YouTube /gelitask For more information: www.gelitask.com – info@gelitask.com 122