PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

Imballaggi Alimentari wants to support and encourage customers in recycling, for this reason it has thought of a new range of ice cream cups and cups completely recyclable in paper. The recycling eliminates much of the waste, so it creates a circular economy in which the raw material will always be recovered. The name of this new range summarizes its meaning: Only paper. These products are obtained from pure cellulose from a controlled forest management, in order to ensure that the disposable product is completely sustainable and therefore environmentally friendly, in fact more trees are planted than those harvested. The line of gelato cups and drink cups can also be thrown with the organic waste, because they have been certified compostable by the Din Certco body. Only paper, nothing more IMBALLAGGI ALIMENTARI In this perspective, Imballaggi Alimentari has decided to complete the cups with paper lids and straws, so as to allow the consumer to throw everything together in the separate collection of paper without worries. For more information: www.imballaggialimentari.eu 128