PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

In the Cookies® family, there is a novelty: Cereals & Strawberries, a completely new version of the most famous cookie in the gelato world. It unites cereals and strawberries in an incredibly delicious gelato. The new flavour Cookies Cereals & Strawberries will win you over with just one bite thanks to the crunchiness of the cookie crumbs and the freshness of the strawberry pieces. This flavour corresponds perfectly to the latest trends in gelato shops, and it will not go unnoticed. Cookies Cereals & Strawberries is not just a gelato. It can be used in various recipes for a unique and distinctive touch, created specifically by Mec3’s Product Specialists: Summer Dream, Cereal & Ginger, Delizia e Rustic Pasticciotto. This new item expands the delicious Cookies family, born in 2001 with the launch of Cookies The Original, the first gelato flavour to become a true brand. It is the cookie-flavoured gelato that is the most imitated yet never equalled, thanks to its simple recipe and the highest quality of ingredients. A universe of goodness to be discovered and to be tried in its various forms, such as Cookies Black, Cookies Cocoboom, Cookies Caramel, Cookies Lemon Meringue, Cookies Matcha Green Tea and Cookies Spicy; and in all the applications for modern pastries: fun cakes, inviting single portions and delicious snacks. Because when you talk about Cookies, you are talking about the whole world of cookie-flavoured gelato! For information: www.mec3.com Cereals, strawberries and… Cookies! MEC3 138