PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

fruit, such as in the recipe “Colours & Flavours Cremino” where it is combined harmoniously with a blood orange sorbet and with the lively notes of Fiordizenzero Ginger variegate. Or with the “Red & White Cremino” where it is united with the refreshing goodness of Granfrutta Pomegranate. Quella White G with no added sugar (it contains natural sugars) is the “light” version of the beloved Quella White, ideal for those who want to reduce their sugar consumption without sacrificing flavour. The years continue to go by, but Quella is always the most loved, the most delicious, the most versatile! For information: www.mec3.com It reinvented gelato and the way to variegate it, creating new forms of pleasure. It is a flavour icon born from the creative genius of Mec3. We are talking about Quella, the first and original spreadable cream for gelato, which today has become a family of many different flavour variations, each one more delicious than the other. The new proposals this year are three: Quella Tiramisu, Quella Yogo and Quella White G. Quella Tiramisu celebrates one of the most loved desserts in the world. It is an irresistible deliciousness with which you can make delightful specialities such as Bombardino Cremino, with a refined touch of the Whisky Cream variegate, or a Crunchy Tiramisu Cremino, thanks to the crunchiness of the nougat flavour paste. Quella Yogo is made for those who love the freshness of yogurt, perfect exactly as it is in the gelato pan, as a variegate or when used to make a churned gelato. It is ideal with A story that speaks of the future MEC3 142