PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

With its long line of vowels, Gooody is the name of the Mec3 line that plays with amazement: the amazement of knowing how to combine attention for sugar content together with being able to satisfy your sweet tooth. Gooody is a line of products created to respond to the sugar-free trend, to give life to a distinctive showcase that is in-step with the times. It is the first complete line of bases, cream-based flavours and variegates with no added sugars that can satisfy the most demanding customers. Since enjoying a gelato is associated with a moment of pleasure, it is very important that it is aerated and emulsified correctly, creamy and that it has a perfect melting resistance. To obtain this result, the first ingredient is without a doubt a good Base: and if it is without any added sugar*… the pleasure is pure! Gooody has four bases, to combine with a wide range of cream-based flavours and variegates with no added sugars* (15 products), to create a variety of “guilt-free” flavours, which will offer every client plenty of choices. Furthermore, Gooody gives space to the creativity of the gelato chef, thanks to an offer of 41 products, among pastes and dried fruit, whole or in pieces, to create new combinations of flavours and colours. There are many products that can be combined with the new Quella White G, which contains all the goodness of the first and inimitable spreadable cream for gelato, but without any added sugar: its only addition is that of pure pleasure. For information: www.mec3.com *naturally contains sugar Gooody, pure pleasure MEC3 144