PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

A drink by the sea After having visited the main cities of the world, Medac’s Drinks&City cup line is now stopping in the famous Amalfi Coast, a tourist destination of rare beauty. Produced with refined graphics with an unmistakable pearl grey colour, it is accompanied by one of the most famous symbols of the area: a fresh lemon. The line’s containers are ideal for serving cold drinks, granita, milkshakes and smoothies, and they are made of a multi-layered pure-cellulose paper. They can be paired with a lid to facilitate takeaway. On each cup, there is the CE marking, in accordance with the European Directive 2014/32/ UE on measuring instruments. In this way, the accuracy of the line indicating the volume of the drink on the cup is certified. The journey with Medac does not end here, of course. We just have to wait for the next destinations that will lead us to discover fascinating places, together with a tasty specialty drink. Enjoy and play A perfectly made gelato always puts you in a good mood. And if once you have finished enjoying it, you can play with the cup… fun is guaranteed! The idea comes fromMedac which, with the Cup&Play line, launches the world of takeaway containers into a new dimension. The range is completely recyclable, making it a perfect combination of creativity and respect for nature. On the external surface, there are lively graphics that depict an origami figure, the oriental technique that allows you to make a myriad of figures by folding various times a simple sheet of paper: butterflies, herons, fish, tulips, cats… In addition, by scanning the QR code on the container, you can access a dedicated section on Medac’s website where you can find detailed information regarding the environmental labelling. Consumers are thus guided in the correct disposal of the Cup&Play cup in the paper recycling… and they can view instructions on how to reproduce the origami figure depicted on their cup! 149