PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

offers a large choice of operating temperatures, ranging from refrigeration to freezer temperatures. A no-frost system is also available, thanks to which the operator can switch throughout the day from displaying pastry products to presenting creations that need below zero temperatures. The “+ green” version is made with R290 refrigerant gas, which guarantees a significant reduction in the emissions of pollutants into the air. Furthermore, the single version is accompanied by a two-door version: with two cabinets and greater accessibility, it is the ideal solution for every F&B business, for all types of foods and drinks and for any need. Modern, transparent, bright, functional, efficient: these are the main characteristics of Cosmo, one of the most requested vertical display cases in the food industry. It presents itself today with a carefully executed restyling both from a technological perspective as well as a design one. Already widely used in all types of travel hubs, ranging from airports to service stations, Cosmo is a must-have not only in gelato and pastry shops, but also in every type of establishment dedicated to food. Over the last few years, it has become a key element for purchases related to takeaway and delivery. From the aesthetic point of view, the most important new development is the use of a new base that gives Cosmo a minimal look. The classic white of the glass screen printing has been joined by a new black option, which is more elegant in metropolitan contexts and in commercial businesses of the food & beverage world. Regarding technology, a new control panel has been added, which is nearly invisible to the final customer’s eyes, but is easily accessible and usable by the operator. It is inserted into the door and has become a touchscreen, allowing you to manage the temperature of the case, to control the lighting and to change the storage settings with just a few gestures. Depending on the type of establishment and the customer’s needs, Cosmo Total restyling ORION 156