PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

business logo or request a custom mould. Even the flavour of the cone can be personalized at the moment of production: from classic vanilla to fragrant coffee, or even up to unusual offers such as rosemary, citrus or star anise. You will be spoilt for choice! Papillamitica can also be used by cafes and bistros to make savoury cones for gourmet recipes. With a standard base mix, it is possible to produce 700-800 cones depending on their size. Today the professional gelato chef can offer not only high-quality artisanal specialties, but also freshly made cones produced right in front of their customer’s eyes. Papillamitica is the exclusive machine designed to make four cones in less than a minute, allowing customers to enjoy them fresh, fragrant and… highly personalized. The client can decide the shape of their cone, since the mould in the equipment is really simple to change. You can also add your Do-it-yourself cones PAPILLAMITICA Flexible management With Papillamitica, the management of cones in a gelato shop becomes practical and versatile. The machine makes it possible to eliminate problems related to presence of moisture in cones, which compromises their fragrance and can cause breakage. Furthermore, the gelato chef no longer needs to purchase large quantities in advance, allowing them to optimize storage space. The machine has compact dimensions, making it easy to add to any type of establishment. Made entirely in Italy, it is covered by two patents. For information www.papillaidea.it 158