PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

Since 2019, CrumbOlé has become a must-have product in gelato parlours, pastry shops and bars. Thanks to the crunchiness and versatility, CrumbOlé is perfect for use in numerous applications. Following its great success, the line has expanded over the years with different tasty flavours, ready to meet the needs of professionals. This year, PreGel is launching a version in line with increasingly wellness-oriented market trends: CrumbOlé Cereals and Cocoa Beans Gluten Free. It is a crunchy CrumbOlé, with the perfect mix of goodness and balance given by the cereal biscuits (rice, oats and corn) and the small pieces of cocoa beans, a perfect combination for a gluten-free product. The product can be used for gluten-free gelato and pastry proposals: it is perfect to enrich a whipped gelato, to embellish a soft yoghurt or fiordilatte, to add a delicious decoration for milkshakes, and is also ideal as a base for semifreddos, cold cheesecakes. It is dosed as desired and comes in two 3.5 kg buckets. The other flavours that make up the CrumbOlé line are Classic, Classic Gluten Free, Cocoa, Otto Caramel, Red Fruits and Lemon. A perfect mix of goodness and balance PREGEL 160