PUNTOITALY No31 - July 2022

Traditional Paste Snack & Peanut is PreGel’s new proposal to enrich your display case with more and more delicious and inviting flavours that will make everyone want to try them. With its full flavour of cocoa and peanut, it allows you to indulge and create many flavours, reminiscent of the tastiest snacks that will attract the curiosity of lovers of this irresistible combination of flavours. Traditional Paste Snack & Peanut is gluten free, vegan and contains no colourings or flavourings. Its tempting taste pairs perfectly with Arabeschi® Krocco Peanut and Gran Stracciatella Reale Thin and Crispy for a gelato that brings out the full flavour of both cocoa and peanut. The paste is also unbeatable with PinoPinguino Peanut and Arabeschi® Caramelllatte, to create a mouth-watering flavour, or together with Arabeschi® Lingonberry for a mouth-watering variation of the timeless peanut butter and jam combination. Traditional Paste Snack & Peanut is available in 2 x 3 kg buckets. Discover Traditional Paste PREGEL Snack & Peanut 162